About Us

We will strive to serve each client with integrity.

Mission Statement

We will strive to serve each client with integrity, honesty and simplicity without prejudice to transaction size. We will conduct our transactions knowing that we are accountable first to God and then to our customers and vendors.


Express Gold Refining is your one stop – honest, reliable, quick precious metals dealer and refiner. We value our greatest asset, and that is you, our client. We are striving daily to improve the way your precious metal partner should conduct business. We’ve built our business on the following simple principles:

  • Honesty
  • Simplicity of Charges
  • Fastest turn-around in the industry
  • Continuous Technological advancement


Express Gold Refining Ltd. is a fourth generation operated family business. The roots of the company go back to 1915 in the middle-east where the father’s founder started to service the Jewellery District in the heart of downtown Cairo. The same basic principles have been passed down from one generation to the next with more technological advances to help serve our clients.

Mr. Nabil Salama and his son found a need for a company in Toronto that served the jewelers with speed and integrity. Mr. Nabil provided the technical know-how of 50 years in the business and his son Adel, brought in the business and marketing dimension. They worked together from scratch to deliver a company to the industry that gave access to all jewelers of all sizes, the service expected from world renowned refiners to the local jeweler and manufacturer. In 2001, Atef, Nabil’s youngest son also joined the team to bring in further technological advances to better equip our company to allow faster settlements to the industry.

Since 2000, Express Gold Refining started utilizing Johnson Matthey to refine its metal.  This partnership grew over the years until we became their preferred dealer in Canada.  We have done many advertisements and promotions together to promote the precious metals recovery in Canada.  Recently, Johnson Matthey was acquired by Asahi Precious Metals, and the relationship has grown stronger than even before.  We carry all their products and utilize their assaying facility as a final determination of precious metals content.

Since 1994, Express Gold Refining has been servicing the precious metals industry from downtown Toronto. Currently, EGR has become an integral and seamless partner of many Jewellers, manufacturers, wholesalers pawnshops, refiners, precious metals dealers and dental labs in Ontario and across North America.

When the industry was providing 5-day refining turn-around service, EGR provided next day service. As the industry started to catch up, EGR provided the fastest service available in the industry – REFINE WHILE YOU WAIT.   We realize no one has time to wait for their precious metals. Therefore, we acquired the latest assaying technology to be able to analyze your metal while you wait and settle in minutes.  We have implemented the best practice methods in the industry to witness your melt assuring your comfort and integrity of the results.  When dealing with EGR, you get to deal directly with the owners and professionally trained staff that have an accumulative experience over 100 years.  Due to the vast experience in our personnel, we can handle any technical question and deal with different types of material to give you the comfort of mind and the best return on your metal.

Our Premises

In 1994, we started operating from a small unit in downtown Toronto. As our business grew and the needs of the company required more space, we moved to 21 Dundas Square.  As of 2010, EGR acquired a beautiful downtown building to allow us to grow the business with advanced equipment and a place for our clients to feel comfortable.  At our current location, we have multiple induction furnaces to melt any size of refining lot.  We have also installed a burning oven on premises to burn polish dust and sweeps.  We accredited the oven with an environmental license to burn in downtown Toronto.  Also, on premises, we have a complete, state-of-the-art lab with different sensitivity assay machine, including AA machine and a Microwave Plasma – Atomic Emission Spectrometer.  To service your diamond recovery, we have a full diamond and stone recovery on site to return your diamonds and stones within 72 hours.