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Investment Products

Precious metals are timeless investment products that have been an integral of all investments portfolios. Any investor should always maintain a percentage of their wealth in physical metal to be stored locally with them or securely stored with us at the Royal Canadian Mint, Brinks facility or one of our onsite safes. Like any investment, there are risks with the prices of metals depreciating, so only invest funds that are meant for long term return. You should diversify your portfolio but purchasing Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. Although metals trend in the same direction, the percentage of change can vary among the different metals. Feel free to browse the different products and if you require assistance to decide on what to purchase you can contact us or call us 416-366-4000.

We guarantee our prices to be the most competitive, if you find a price that is lower than ours, we will beat or match the price.

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