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Scrap Calculator

Please use the form below to estimate how much your scrap gold, silver, platinum or palladium is worth.  Just enter in the amount/weight of your metal and the expected percentage.  You will be given a total value of the metal at the current market price.  Please note that dealers and individuals receive different prices.  If you wish to hold this price, please fill in the form and press send so that we can book that price for you.  You will receive a confirmation email that we have reserved the amounts and price indicated on the form.

Please note the following conversion of karat to the percentage – you must divide your karat by 24 to get the percentage of pure gold.  14K is equal to 14/24 = 58.3%.  Also, most platinum is either 90% or 95%.  Palladium, in general, is 90%.  Finally silver is either in coins (50%, 65%, 80%, 90%, 92.5%) or sterling silver which is 92.5%.