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We can arrange for you to send your material to us via secured and insured delivery using either Brinks, GFG, Parcel Pro. Please call us and we will make all the arrangements to have your parcel shipped to us securely and in the least expensive method. Alternatively, you can come to our premises at 215 Victoria St., Suite 400 where you are in a high-security location in the heart of downtown Toronto. We can arrange to receive your shipment securely from the main level.

Our experienced workshop specialists are ready to handle any material you want to extract the precious metals. We have the latest induction furnaces to melt scrap jewelery containing gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium; dental crowns, bridges, excess lab sprues; silverware; bench grindings. At EGR, you can bring in your Canadian Silver coins or any other international coin for melting as we are one of a handful of companies in Canada that has the license to melt silver coin. We are the only refiner in downtown Toronto that has an environmental permit to burn, grind, and assay: vacuum dust, polishing dust, sink sludge and any other safe organic material containing precious metals.

Melting and burning of the material are the crucial steps in the proper determination of your precious metals’ content. Trust this fine work to the experts that have been doing it for over 27 years.

You can have the confidence of the final melt when you come to Express Gold Refining. Our experienced technical workshop advisors have a vast knowledge of how to accurately handle any material to assure you that all the precious metals are assayed correctly and recovered. We have six different sized induction and gas furnaces to handle melting all types and sizes of different LOTS. You will be a witness to the full process of melting from weighing, sampling, pouring and final product. You are encouraged to take a sample of your melt for confirmation of assays.

For dust and sweeps jobs, we will burn your material in an environmentally certified burn-off oven on-premises. You are welcome to load the oven with your material and witness the opening and unloading of your material in the crusher. At that point, you can take a sample for an assay.

Dental and Platinum Group Metals requires other experience to melt probably your material into a homogeneous bar. At Express Gold Refining, we will melt your bar until the sample is truly homogeneous, even if it takes three or four times. Sometimes, copper might be required to make sure that the bar is ready for proper sampling.

Guaranteed assays are the cornerstone of the precious metals determination. We take pride in standing behind every assay we make to be within +/- 0.10% of fire assay. If the final split is off by 0.10%, we will refund you the difference and 50% of your refining charge. We have three ways to determine your precious metals content.

XRF – a non-destructive assay method that gives accurate results within 90 seconds. We have three of the latest high-tech German machine that can be used interchangeably to confirm your results. We regularly calibrate the XRF’s against the strictest industry samples and are independently certified by the dealer on an annual basis.

Wet Chemical Analysis – Depending on the complexity of the matrix of your melt, we can chemically digest your sample and test it with three different machines. We have the latest state of the art assay lab with two Atomic Absorption Spectrometer (AA) machines and a Microwave Plasma – Atomic Emission Spectrometer (MP – AES).

Fire Assay – If you would like to send out the sample for fire assay, we will send it to two trusted sources in Ontario. In the near future, we are in the process of building our fire assay lab in-house.

Asahi Assay – If you prefer to send your material as a separate lot to Asahi, we will send it on your behalf, and we will settle based on their assay that we will disclose to you.

If there remains a discrepancy in the result, you may elect to use an umpire for final results. Please contact us to discuss procedures on how to use umpire.

Our commitment to you, our client, is that you receive the correct and accurate result of the precious metals content of your material. We will work with you to make sure that you are satisfied with your final results.

Express Gold Refining offers you the most comprehensive settlement options.  It takes over five days to process any material to its pure gold form, but due to recent technological advances in assaying, we can determine the pure metal content in your bars immediately.  Based on the assay results we can pay/advance you on your metal.  You have the option to settle as follows:

  • Take back pure precious metal in bar form – no bar charge for kilo bars but there is a small premium for bullion products like 5g, 10g, 50g, 100g, 1 Toz, 2 Toz, 5 Toz, 10 Toz, 100 Toz bars.
  • Sell your product at the current market price for cash, cheque, bank transfer, or wire in Canadian or US Dollars.  You can also receive your funds in other currencies if you wish.
  • Pool your metal with us until you are ready to determine how you want to settle it.  You have the option to place market orders to sell your market at different levels.
    • There is no charge to hold pool with us.  Your metal will be safely backed and guaranteed by pool at Asahi Refining (previously known as Johnson Matthey) or Royal Canadian Mint
  • We have an option where you can receive 80% advance against your metal until you decide to sell it at the market price.  Please contact us for this option as there is risk involved with prices going against you.
  • You may price your metal before delivery or after delivery as long as you have an active account with us.